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Farming's In-Law Factor

How to have more harmony and less conflict on family farms

It takes courage to admit that everything behind the front door of your farm is not as beautiful as you would like it to be.

Elaine Froese is gifted at talking about the marriage stresses on farms that fuel the fear of divorce. She believes that love and respect are key to strong marriages, partnerships, and relationship capital on the farm. 


This session is eye-opening and comforting when you discover that you're not alone. Your ‘good’ farm team can become ‘great’ with better conflict resolution skills and more role clarity. 


This session will help: 

  • Farm dads to understand how to build respect, trust, and ask for what they need 

  • Farm moms, mother-in-laws, and daughter-in-laws to be seen, have a voice, and stop being the “pig in the middle” of the conflict triangle 

  • Farm successors to stand up for what is right and seek common ground 

  • Farm sons and daughter-in laws to understand family of origin conflict styles and communication 

  • Everyone navigate new language and approaches for positive conflict behavior 

  • Provide tools for profitable family business meetings while sitting with deep emotions 

  • Outline the key ways to prevent divorce on farms for the young folks as well as the founders

Post-Event Recording Coming Soon

If you missed the webinar, we will provide a recording of the presentation and Q&A.

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What's Included?

40-min presentation by Elaine Froese

20-50 minutes for anonymous Q&As

Digital copy of Farming's In-Law Factor

Elaine Froese, CSP


Meet Elaine

Elaine Froese is a certified professional speaker, certified coach, and author. She’s a go-to expert for farm families who want better communication and conflict resolution to secure a successful farm transition.


As a farmer and mother to the successor of their farm, she understands the culture of agriculture intimately.

Her superpower is helping families find harmony through understanding.


Her expertise is to discuss what she calls the Undiscussabull™ – the bull in the middle of the farm family that no one wants to talk about.